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Screen Gems: TV the week of March 21

Breaking Bad (10 p.m. Sunday, AMC) -- Bryan Cranston already has two Emmys for his role as a high-Breakingbad school chemistry teacher with cancer who moonlights as a meth merchant to pay for the treatment. And he's under more pressure than ever as the third season kicks off, with both the cops and his wife closing in on his secret.

Nurse Jackie (10 p.m. Monday, Showtime) -- Edie Falco returns for a second season as a hard-bitten nurse at an inner-city hospital who subsists on a diet of illicit sex and stolen Oxycontin.

Fly Girls (9 p.m. Wednesday, The CW) -- Reality series about Virgin America flight attendants, who are full of astute travel tips. Such as: ``While on the plane, always wear your shoes in the restroom!'' Unlike, you know, airport restrooms.

Paranormal Court (10 p.m. Saturday, TLC) -- Like Judge Judy, except the legally warring parties have agreed to let their disputes be settled by a medium who relays verdicts handed down by ghosts on the other side. TLC is airing this as a public service to lay rest to the rumors that America is about to suffer a crippling shortage of idiots.

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