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Are Rick Sanchez and Ann Coulter getting married?

In some ways, it's been kind of a rough week over at CNN. The network, which has been clobbered in the ratings recently not just by Fox News but at times MSNBC and even its own sister network HLN, staged a so-called upfront -- a meeting with advertisers in which new programming is unveiled -- in New York. One of the star attractions was John King, host of CNN's new and highly promoted 7 p.m. show, which the network's bosses bragged was going to turn the ratings landslide around. King's show promptly took a kamikaze dive in the Nielsens, dropping to 391,000 viewers Tuesday and 314,000 Wednesday.

That's way below not just Fox News' Shepard Smith (1.78 million on Tuesday) and MSNBC's Chris Matthews (633,00) but even HLN's screwy Jane Velez-Mitchell and her random rants on alcoholism, animal rights and fertility drugs (466,000). In the 25-to-54 age demographic that news shows target, the numbers were even more abysmal. On Wednesday, King had just 51,000 viewers in the demo, a figure so low that it's practically unmeasurable by Nielsen. A number so low that it matches the demo ratings of CNN's 4 a.m. repeat of Campbell Brown's show.

On the other hand, CNN viewers Thursday were treated to the weirdest lovefest since Tiny Tim got married to his teenybopper girlfriend on The Tonight Showfour decades ago. The unlikely couple in this case was CNN's Rick Sanchez and conservative attack-blonde Ann Coulter. Sanchez a couple of weeks reamed Coulter for an appearance on a Canadian college campus where she told Muslim students they should travel on camels rather than in airplanes.

Coulter called Sanchez to complain that the videotape he showed of the incident was edited out of context (by Canadian television, not CNN). Sanchez invited her to appear on his show, and Thursday they were like kissy-face honeymooners. You can see their exchange in the video clip above, which includes tape of Coulter's Canadian encounter -- so you can judge for yourself about context.


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