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How do we hate 'Lost'? Let us count the ways...

Lost2 For the past three months, I've been wondering if I was the only one who believed that ABC's Lost has degenerated into incomprehensible gibberish as it crawls toward the end of its sixth and final season. The answer is a resounding No! Tuesday night's episode drew just 9.4 million viewers, a new series low. I wonder if anybody at ABC has considered burning off the remaining four episodes in a single spasmodic burst -- say, on a Sunday morning, when the ratings damage would be minimal (who knows, Sawyer and Jack might even give Meet The Press a run for its minimal money) -- to just put the thing out of its misery. Not to mention our misery.


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Really Glenn? After six seasons and less than five episodes left you think the ABC network, who has made millions and millions of dollars on Lost (ads and dvd) should cancel it? YOU should just stop watching it. Isn't NCIS on at the same time? That seems like your style.


Seriously, why you mad though?


I'm pretty sure this was written in jest, but if not, it's one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. The author ought to be working as an NBC executive with ideas like that!


The problem? 9.4 isn't actually a series low. Sorry.


That show become ridiculous and incomprehensible years ago. People are finally wising up!


First season - GREAT!

Second season - Goofy, weird

Third season - I stopped watching after season two. LOL

I have this theory that the producers were just making the plot up during their "pitch" to ABC executives, never meant the show to have "legs" and then said "Holy C*ap!" When the show caught on: Hence, the weird plot turns as they tried to come up with ideas in a panic.

Frankie Miscio

The only folks lost are the ones watching this show. The philosophical underpinnings the show started out to expand upon have gone up in smoke -- a goofy smoke monster--boobtuberube

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