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If you missed the last two minutes of 'Glee'...

The Internet echoed with harrowing threat against Fox programmers Wednesday after Tuesday's episode of Sueglee Gleeran two minutes past its scheduled end -- meaning anybody trying to watch it on a DVR missed the ending. (Spoiler alert: In the final scene, it was revealed that fascist cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester was the gunman on the grassy knoll on Nov. 22, 1963.) (Gigantic lie alert: I just made that up. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be true.) The problem was that the live telecast of American Idol that precedes Glee was two minutes long, throwing off the rest of the Fox schedule.

Fox executives, quick to pick up on the between-the-lines meanings of such cryptic Facebook complaints as "I would like to rip Rupert Murdoch's head off and urinate down his neck," came up with a solution. Glee will be rerun Friday from 9 to 10 p.m., replacing an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, which apparently has a more docile fan base.


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I guess now I don't have to go all Sue Sylvester on them.

Bandorah Mandy

I almost had a heart attack with the pointing lady picture you have up on this post. I thought I was in trouble for a second. :)

Thanks for a great post.


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