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Quick, read this excellent stuff I stole from other blogs!

Glee3 Some days you start to write a blog post and realize all the good items have been taken by somebody else. Like this side-by-side comparison of Madonna's original 1990 Vogue video and the one Glee did earlier this week with fascist cheerleader sponsor Sue Sylvester taking Madonna's place. Watch it and bask in nostalgia for a time when a see-through blouse could freak MTV executives.

Perhaps someday we'll be similarly amused that a Muslim death threat could get Comedy Central to censor a South Park episode...but I wouldn't count on it. After the friendly folks at RevolutionMuslim.com threatened to kill South Park producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone for an episode in which they mocked Western self-censorship by showing the Prophet Muhammad in a bear costume, Comedy Central bleeped all mentions of Muhammad in Wednesday's show. Oops, somebody else already got that item.

Usually when I write that phrase, the somebody else is Ace Hollywood Blogger Nikki Finke, otherwise known as The Terror of Tinseltown for her scathingly misanthropic reports on various showbiz swine. But she seems otherwise diverted these days by the news that HBO is pondering a weekly series called Tilda about...well, about a powerful blogger known for her scathingly misanthropic reports on various showbiz swine. Apparently the similarities in Tilda and Nikki are sufficiently deadly that the Hollywood Reporter is wonderingif Finke will sue. Oh, man, there goes that item, too. Guess I'll just have be content to predict that Tilda's last name, Watski, will be changed if the show actually makes it into production. T.Watski is a line HBO's lawyers aren't going to want to cross.


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