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ABC shuts down Soapnet for new Disney channel

Better enjoy those General Hospital reruns while you can. ABC and Disney announced Wednesday that Generalhospital they're shutting down their Soapnet channel and replacing it with something called Disney Junior, aimed at kids aged 2 to 7. Apparently in this economy, they're the only ones who have any money left. Disney Junior will air new series as well as familiar stuff like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and Imagination Movers. And of course there will be Disney movies, including 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and the rest of the usual suspects. Best of all, insomniac pre-schoolers will have something to watch while chain-smoking at 4 a.m.: Disney Junior will be a 24-hour channel.

As for Soapnet, launched in 2000 and available in 75 million homes, let the wake begin. It'll be a long one: ABC won't pull the plug until 2012.


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talmai bolden

that is so mean did you ask the who watch abc do not shut it down or i will get a person who works with you all to talk you out of it do do do do do do do do not i am a fan ask some one who cares disneychannel has in the morning something for the preschoolslers please

V. Brame

Please don't shut Soapnet down.

Ruth Abbott

Gosh one more thing for the kiddies. This country already lives and breathes kids, Disneyworld, Disneyland ---- can the adults have anything left ? apparently not. This is just not fair and I hope the stupid disney channel tanks.


I think that they should not do that because in the morning they have junior shows so and what about the people who watch soapnet.


The soap net was a woman's channel which there are very few of, I love children I have 2 of them and grandchildren, I so enjoyed watching that fer work and unwinding, please bring it back there are so many channels for children, give us women a break!!!!9q


Really more Disney? Is there any pie they do not have their finger in? And why do we need children's programs 24/7. I love children and have raised 3; and never once did I have then need for childrens programs after 5:00 pm let alone midnight. How much power and money does Disney need? It just. Seems selfish and greedy to me, but then again what the general public want seems less and less important to networks.
Disappointed fan

J Zilfi

Shame on you Disney. Another slap in the face to your customers...women no less!...the moms of the little darlins who populate your overpriced theme parks, and pay dearly for all their store and concession purchases.

How about, albeit painful,showing a little intestinal fortitude, and explain to all those disappointed women why you shut down the soap net channel for what! Did I hear correctly, for a 24/7 tot watch cartoon station?

Let's hear it from Disney...waiting to be enlightened.

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