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Another spy who bored me: 'Rubicon'

Rubicon Here's a joke the hopeless, hapless codes-and-cyphers nerds at the National Security Agency tell on themselves:

Q. At an NSA party, how do you spot the extrovert?

A. He's the one looking at somebody else's shoes.

This joke occurred to me while I watched AMC's new conspiracy-unthriller series Rubicon, partly because the code-breaking protagonists have all the color and verve of rejects from a Dilbert comic strip and partly because during the first two hours of the show my mind had plennnnnnty of time to wander.

Turgid and plodding, Rubicon has the pace of an industrial-training film and the lucidity of a Czech art movie with the subtitles turned off. It would have to triple its pulse to rise to the level of lethargy. If there were an Emmy category for Excruciating Tedium (and I'm not certain there isn't), Rubicon would win in a walk. Well, crawl. Read my full review in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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