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Rick Sanchez's ratings limbo: How low can they go?

With disaster comes opportunity. But anybody wondering if Miami homeboy Rick Sanchez might be the Ricksanchez beneficiary of the plummeting primetime ratings at CNN should stop: It's not going to happen. Sanchez's afternoon show expanded into the 8 p.m. time slot last month when Campbell Brown left the air after chalking up some remarkably awful Nielsen results. But Sanchez's numbers have been even worse.

He's averaging well under half a million viewers at 8 p.m. and just 133,000 in the target 25-to-54 age demographic, both numbers 40 percent lower than Campbell's performance during the same dates last year. Sanchez's tiny numbers were a major factor in CNN finishing in fifth place among news networks in the demos on Monday night, lagging behind not only Fox News, MSNBC and CNN's corporate cousin, but CNBC -- a business-news channel that loses almost its entire audience at night.

It wouldn't have been fair to expect much in the way of ratings for Sanchez's evening show, which a stop-gap measure with little promotion that's just filling the time until CNN can get its new Crossfire-ish program with Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer up and running this fall. But these Death Valley ratings -- coupled with the fact that his afternoon Nielsen's aren't all that hot, either -- virtually ensure that Sanchez won't get a look if CNN decides to pull the plug on any of its other primetime shows.

UPDATE: Collectors of Rick Sanchez lore will enjoy this bit, from his days at MSNBC.


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Rick Sanchez was a laughing stock when he was with WSVN in Miami. He could not just report the news. He had to dramatize it with ridiculous facial expressions and voice inflections that never matched the insignificant story he was reporting. He tried to make everything into a spectacular event that he alone was able to report. What a putz!
Fort Lauderdale hosts a boat parade on the intercoastal waterway during the Christmas holiday. Rick was on the WSVN sponsored boat waving to all his "fans", but all you could hear from the shore were people yelling for him to fall in and drown.
I was never so happy to see some one leave a TV station as I was when Rick left Florida..


I've been trying to put my finger on what made me, for years, cringe when I listened to Rick Sanchez. The post by Floyd gets it just right. There was never any substance/intelligence behind the dramatic facial expressions and tone of voice. I just wondered how he has lasted for years. When I left Miami, I forgot about him, until he appeared on CNN hosting his own show. Wow, was I shocked. Such a buffoon and such luck he seemed to have. I think his career is finally over, now.

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