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AT&T U-Verse viewers lose Hallmark

Changing Channels today welcomes all you jillions of disconsolate, aimless Hallmark and Hallmark Movie Statictv Channel views who've been shuffling around like zombies since you lost access to your channels through AT&T U-Verse early Wednesday morning. Don't worry, guys! This blog, with its obsessional pursuit of ever-racier photos of Jennifer Aniston and Dana Delany, a relaunch of NBC's American Dreams and a Swanson's TV dinner Hall of Fame (first member: enchiladas), is even more more fun than the heartwarmingest Hallmark movie about romance after divorce or the death of a pet. Why, even Keith Olberman is frequent visitor! (He's the one in the trenchcoat and dark glasses, over in the corner. Don't make any sudden moves around him -- he's a biter.)

The loss of your channels was a result of the increasingly hardball nature of negotiations between producers and service providers over the fees paid for programming. Hallmark and AT&T have been negotiating frantically since August 1, but talks broke down Tuesday night, and at midnight Hallmark pulled the plug. Your channels might be back soon, but then again, they might not. When the Versus sports channel got into a fight over money with DirecTV, it took six months to get it straightened out.

The good news is that you Hallmark fans are probably going to have plenty of company around here. The deal between Time Warner Cable and Disney expires on Sept. 2, and unless negotiations take a sudden turn for the positive, Time Warner viewers are going to lose access to the entire Rodent Empire: ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel and everything else Disney owns.


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Ernie smith

I have been an att customer for years and the reason I ditch the dish and went to u-verse was hallmark movie channel and hallmark channel.
I hope you folks realize that some of your customers(including myself) may have to go and find a another source to see hallmark again.
I'M NOT VERY HAPPY WITH Att not concedering what we want to watch. No other channel and that includes the Family channel have so many Christmas specials that kids can watch this time of the year.
As far as having a Barbie channel I don't know who's idea that was.
Why can't Att have their own channel , it could be called The Christmas channel.
Thanks for letting me vent a little bit.
I am thinking very strongly about finding another source that has ( hallmark).

Pat Kumbera

Over a year ago our household bundled with uverse. Now it seems that we are being forced to go through this channel war. Is it time to go back to network tv only?? We are considering this option!


Decreased AT & T U-verse TV channel Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie from its channel lineup due to the inability to reach a new agreement of transport.


I am very dissatisfied with att u-verse, I thought I was getting TV service with programing I would enjoy. So far I am seeing reoccuring programing and info-mericals more then I would like. Channel wars are not what I am paying for. I am considering going elsewhere or going back to regular network TV. ATT you where my preference if service does not get better you have lost me.


what happen to cardinal baseball sun 4/17/2011 you or going to lose a att customer and i am sure a lot more


I too am very unhappy losing the Hallmark channels. We may switch also if we dont get them back. I went to the 300 group just for the Hallmark channels. Lucia

donna perez

I am also a dissatifed customer of At&t u verse. Please tell me there is some hope of getting my Hallmark chanels back before i switch to another cable provider.I am sorryI ever got At&t.


I am dissatifed also. I'm sorry I joined [email protected] I had a [email protected] salisator
come to my door. CONVINCING me that [email protected] is better then any other
cable. And I fell for it. I wish I ever let this person in my house.
Telling me how great [email protected] is. And I would have alot of family channels.
Including Halmark. [email protected] decieves it's customers. And lies.
I would never recomend any of my friends to [email protected] The worst thing about
this I have a contract with then for 5 yrs. Now if I cancel [email protected] I
have to pay a penalty

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