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The next to die...

NBC has already killed off two of its most-promoted shows of the fall season: Outlaw and Undercovers. Chase Now a third one is close to going on life support. Chase, with Kelli Giddish as a hard-bitten U.S. marshal, dropped below five million viewers Monday night. An audience of just 4.5 million tuned in.

The show's advocates within NBC will doubtless be noting that the whole night tanked for NBC thanks to a decision to air an interview with George W. Bush instead of spy action-comedy Chuck at 8 p.m.. Bush's audience of seven million was higher than Chuck's average, but more lower in the 18-to-49 demo. The older viewers tuned out after Bush finished talking, but the younger ones didn't return. Result: NBC's conspiracy Thriller dropped 15 percent of its audience, Chase 8 percent.

So, blame Bush for one more thing. Nonetheless, another week or two like this one, and those federal marshals on chase will join the ranks of the unemployed.


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I watched Chase for the first time because they shot part of it in a friend's neighborhood and garage. Won't be watching again. The show was really cheesy and not in a good way.


Wow, PRES Bush is out of office almost TWO years, and you libs still cant resist taking shots at him! Hey, Glenn-or Glenda-was that really necessary? Although I'm a big Chuck fan, if PRES Bushs ratings were BETTER than Chucks, was it appropriate to blame him for the rest of the night tanking? The Event is up against tough comp, so why is this week any different? And Chase has been teetering all season, and should have been whacked weeks ago, but only NOW, 2 hours after PRES Bushs interview, is it "finally" suffering in the ratings? No, Gahvin, it doesnt work that way, even for you clueless leftys at the thuggish Herald! Now go count down the days for your beloved Socialist dictator to get thrown out of office!

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