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TV's 10 most politically incorrect shows (shudder!)

The political-correctness police at Global Compliance (nothing like revealing your ambitions right there in the name of your group) have thoughtfully provided a list of the 10 most politically incorrect TV shows. Whether you're the kind of sensitive person who gasps in horror at hearing the word "cripple" on Gleeor a beastial lout who snickers when Mark Harmon and David McCallum drink in the NCIS morgue while talking about the intellectual deficiencies of women, it's invaluable.

The undisputed champ of un-PC-ness, by the way, is NBC's 30 Rock, which racks up an average 11 grotesque insults to human decency per episode. (Good thing I don't watch it, no matter what my lying TiVo tells you.) A moment on the show that particularly rocked Global Compliance: Alec Baldwin's remark that a "chick lawyer" who does sexual harassment presentations is "asking for it." I'm guessing it's a good thing nobody at Global Compliance saw this:




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Mr. Gumsandals

Wild stuff. How can you not love America? BTW, Global Compliance owns TiVo.

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