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Does your TV speak Internet yet? It will, soon

Television and the Internet are merging with such whiplash speed that viewers for a while will have Natpe2 trouble keeping track of all the little technological boxes on top of their sets, much less the countless thousands of shows they can watch, entertainment executives told a TV producers' convention Tuesday in Miami Beach.

"With more and more content out there, it becomes hard and harder to find,'' said Nick Buzzell, a producer at NBTV Studios, which makes shows for TV and the Internet. "With all this digital technology, there's still consumer confusion. . . . [And] if the consumer is confused, none of it's going to work.''

Buzzell was speaking at one of several panels on the convergence of TV and the Internet held on the second day of the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) meeting at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

With a plethora of devices from video-game consoles to DVD players now able to liberate the Internet from computers and carry it onto television sets and an increasing number of companies that provide movies, TV shows and original content via broadband rather than broadcast, viewers are headed for uncharted territory, the executives agreed.

"The explosion of online video has just begun,'' said Ted Sarandos, who acquires movies and TV shows for Netflix. Read my full story in Wednesday's Miami Herald.


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Glenn Zimmerman

I couldn't agree more. The interesting questions are: what will the end result look like and how will it be financed... sponsorships, banner ads, corporate incentives???? We are watching a reinvention of mass communications that will make the switch from Radio to TV look like a decision to change from buying Budweiser to Coors.

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