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'Hokie'? Is that Latin for 'Loser'?

You Virginia Tech fans with infirm hearts and nervous stomachs, stop reading this right now. I’m about Vtlosers to mention two words that strike terror into the Hokie heart, that freeze the blood in your veins:

James Madison.

No, not the guy who wrote the Constitution — though your linebackers probably couldn’t cover him, either. James Madison University, the nerdy little school whose greatest athletic achievements were in small-college women’s field hockey until it waltzed into Blacksburg earlier this fall and stuffed your football team.

James Madison, which folded in the face of big-time gridiron powers like Delaware and Towson, but crushed your Great Pretender talk of a national title. James Madison, where the closest thing to a star athlete in school history is the guy who co-invented Gatorade!

You couldn’t beat James Madison, and you think you’re going to beat Stanford? Sorry, Hokies... Read the rest of my trash-talk about the Orange Bowl in Sunday's Miami Herald.

Oh, and if you're interested, here's a piece from a fool, err, guy who disagrees with me.


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