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Too dirty for the Super Bowl, part 837

 Time for the annual ritual in which companies submit racy ads to run during the Super Bowl, are shocked-shocked-SHOCKEDwhen the networks say no, and then revel as hordes of lemming-like bloggers like -- well, me -- post them so millions of people will see them on the Internet. This year's prize entry is from AshleyMadison.com, a dating service for extramarital cheaters. (Here's a link to the one with more bare skin.) Fox, after approximately half a nano-second of careful contemplation, refused to run it.


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Mr. Gumsandals

Cheaters have their own dating service? What a world.


GoDaddy will feature the .co girl in their super bowl commercial this year!


Whoa, I just linked to boobage from the Miami Herald. The Knights would be so proud!!!!


I'm sorry...can someone explain the presence of the furry animal and the person in the rabbit costume?

I guess I've been married too long to understand this.


i like this well produced thank you.

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