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Fox News crew beaten in Cairo


News accounts of the political turbulence in Egypt on Wednesday made much of the fact that some demonstrators turned on American television crews, seizing cameras from ABC and throwing punches at Anderson Cooper. But the violence was much worse than reported. Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot and producer Olaf Wiig (who in 2006 was kidnapped and held for 10 days by jihadists in the Gaza Strip) were attacked with a Molotov cocktail, then beaten so severely Wednesday that they were hospitalized overnight. Fox News kept mum about it until the netowrk was able to get the men to a secure location.

UPDATE: Now comes word that ABC reporter Brian Hartman and three crew members were carjacked and threatened with beheading on the road between downtown Cairo and the city airport. They talked their way out of the situation, as did ABC's Christiane Amanpour and her crew in a separate confrontation. As the situation in Cairo continues to deteriorate, deaths among the journalists covering it seem almost inevitable. I wonder if the smartass critics of the so-called lamestream media, on both right and left, are paying any attention.

ANOTHER UPDATE: CBS's Lara Logan was threatned as well.


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