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January 09, 2009

My New Baby!!

Shaynaa_2  So.....having lost a dog a year for the past three years, and vowing - in these uncertain economic times - to hold the line at two, I've succumbed to the irresitible charms of this gorgeous girl. Meet Shayna, which means 'pretty' in Yiddish. She's 15 months, and we rescued her, with the aid of LRRoF (see below). I was intending only to foster her - honest! But it took all of about a day before that idea went out the window.

So now we are once again an extended family of five: my two guys and my two stepdogs, all males. It was quite a scene when we brought her home - these four monsters waiting for her in the yard, but two of them took perfunctory sniffs then essentially ignored her. Another one growled, and the fourth one - Moose, who's wrestling with her over the toy in the photo below - immediately sensed a soulmate. If they're awake, they're leaping and gnawing on each other (which is why after she got spayed on Monday she's been staying the stepdogs -one of the ignorers, and the growler, tho he seems to have gotten over himself and now wants to play).

Shaynac She'd never been allowed in the house, so she stood on the deck for several hours peering in the open kitchen door, tentatively stepping toward it but not venturing inside. When we finally lured her in, she ran to a corner and stayed there. That's said, she was in bed with us by the time we called it a night. She learned 'sit' in two days - same with her name - and caught on to the doggie door almost immediately. I expect her to be balancing my checkbook by next week............


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