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December 31, 2010

Pair of shepherds desperately need a real home


Why hasn't anybody come to look at us? We have been in a kennel since Oct. 31 st. We remember it well. Our old owners put us in the family truck and we thought we were going somewhere special, but the next thing we knew we were dumped out of the truck into a parking lot. We didn't move, we just thought that they were coming back for us and we wanted to make sure they could find us. But they never did. The people that worked in the office building were going to take us to animal control. Lucky for us there was one person that worked there that thought we were so sweet and loveable and she rescued us. We have been in a kennel ever since. They people here are nice and keep us safe, but we are really going out of our minds in the kennel most of the time. We would love to live with a family and be able to run around outdoors and play. We we would love to stay together,for we are 2 peas in a pod. We are a mommy 4yo and a son almost 2yo.

Please call Max 954  663 1560, if you cannot adopt us, please  come & walk us, we need the exercise, love & attention.  Thank you so much!



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