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January 26, 2011

Thanks to Friends Forever and Biscayne Vet Center

With heavy heart, but confidence that he'll find a home, I delivered the "found dog'' in the post below to Friends Forever Rescue on Saturday at its weekly adoption even at PetsMart near the Falls. Yes, the competition is fierce - there must have been 50 dogs and a couple dozen  puppies - but Peanut, as I came to call him, is so incredibly sweet that I know someone will fall in love with him (why no one was looking for him in the five days I had him I'll never understand). Because my "herd'' at home isn't particularly open to accepting strangers - especially intact males - I boarded Peanut at Biscayne Veterinary Center, NE 58th Street and Biscayne Blvd. I can't say enough about how generous, friendly and caring they were. I could visit whenever I wanted to and take him outside, and the staff played with him too. It's a relatively new operation and I hope it succeeds. Visit the site here.


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