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June 24, 2011

My Last Post (and Steffi STILL needs a home)


Dog 2 for blog


Dog 1 for blog


Crazy for Critters is saying goodbye. I've enjoyed hosting the blog but there are many other demands on my time at The Miami Herald and, while the blog has a small but devoted following, small is the operative word. To put in bluntly: the Herald isn't getting enough bang for its blog buck.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and participated in the blog. I've made some great friends and connections, and learned a lot. There is much work to be done in South Florida to help animals, and I hope that all the people who care about them can get past their philosophical differences and concentrate on what really matters: Saving lives.

I can still be reached at ebrecher@miamiherald.com, and definitely want to stay in the loop about what's happening with animal-oriented events and rescues. I'll be writing animal stories for the paper as they arise, and will be happy to help get event notices into the calendar section.

Best of luck to one and all.

Ellie Brecher (also Steffi, Shadow, Yoda, Magoo, Shayna, Cowboy and Moose).


About Steffi:

Steffi is probably a Dalmatian mix. Some have suggested she might have Argentine dogo in her (because she has so much pink around the eyes, and has speckles rather than spots). She was rescued about 6 weeks ago from a terrible neglect situation. I've been fostering. She's spayed and vaccinated, about 2 years old, 45 lbs.

She is a true delight, fine with male dogs, and females that won't challenge her Alpha status, and kids. She's perfect on the leash and in the car. She loves to play, snuggle and kiss. 

If you can help find the perfect family, please call.


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Fantastic of you to reach out and save her!
I'd be happy to drop by and photograph her for you ;}

I admire your concern for Steffi, I do hope you find her a home she deserves, and a home that would give her the same care you did.

Nice post shared by you for her. I like her photo sharing by you. Great job done by you that rescue her. It's adorable.

Informative post. I like steffi. I have pet namely christina. It's lovely and beautiful. I love her too much.

It is nice to know that their are people like you who still care for animals. I have given an ad in the local newspaper. Will contact you once I get any response.

I hope Steffi might have found a home by now? Sweet dogs like her deserve a loving family, and bring so much to one, too!

Thank you for the all the great tips, good blogs that encompass all of these key elements are a rare find. I will definitely implement these tips on my blogs and keep them in mind going forward!

Nice post share by you.photos are really nice.

Thank you for the post. I hope she finds a great home.

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