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September 02, 2011

Special-needs Beagle in Crisis

This is a tough one. A former Herald colleague wrote to me on behalf of her daughter, who is out of work and experience health issues. The daughter adopted one of the Herald parking lot dogs months ago (people dump them at the newspaper building. Nice, huh?) I'm going to print the letter, without names. These are kind-hearted and generous people who have done all they can (and more). Contact me at 305-376-3631 if you can help, or email pets@miamiherald.com. This is a very difficult situation. Thanks.

The mom writes: 

" I took Malcom to my home yesterday to give [my daughter] a full night's sleep. And I told her I would ask you about finding a foster household for this "special needs" dog, at least until she can recover fully. If not that, then a no-kill shelter (hopefully). 

"Although I thought my relatively calm animal household (two dogs/two cats) might help his behavior, it is now middle-of-the-night, and he has been awake since 2:15 am, barking, whining and climbing onto whatever he can and knocking things over in the process. I have tried ignoring him, but that doesn't work, either. And he is terrified of being in a crate, which usually results in his baying incessantly.
   "He's on phenobarbitol and a thyroid med for seizures (usually cluster seizures), which have finally diminished how often they occur. (My daughter) has spent more than $3,000 on his care, including one night in an emergency vet's clinic.
   "Because he is always kind of whacked out for several days after he had a seizure(s), it has been impossible to housetrain him. When he woke me up two hours ago, I was not surprised to see about a quart of urine and a pile of poo on the floor. This has been his M.O. for months. [My daughter]  cannot recover any kind of normalcy with Malcolm in her household (and two other dogs and a cat).''


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That is so sad to hear why would they do a dog like that

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