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Sex 'n' text with teacher

Teacher A 27-year-old Biloxi, Miss., school teacher has been charged with sexual battery after police say she confessed to having multiple sexual encounters with a 15-year-old male student.

Rebecca Dawn Bogard, left, told investigators she had sex at least three times with the student. The most recent time, she said, happened Jan. 17 in her white Jaguar, which has the vanity tag "GRRRRR."

After that tryst, Bogard sent a text message to the teen's cellphone, which his mother intercepted. It said, according to cops, "I love you...it was the best...I'm sensitive but not sore...you were good."

The ever-entertaining Smoking Gun has the charging docs.

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Don't try this at home

Taylormug Some news stories hook you in from the first words. Especially when those first words are "Electric-shock sex."*

Police in York, Pa., (my hometown) have charged Toby Taylor, left, with involuntary manslaughter after he accidentally killed his wife during what he acknowledged was "weird sexual behavior."

According to a police report, Toby and Kirsten Taylor, below left, came home from dinner at a pizza shop last Wednesday night. Toby Taylor initially told police Kirsten was shocked by a faulty hair dryer. At the hospital, after her death, he changed his story:

Maurer "He said that they hook up clips to his wife's nipples and he plugs a cord into an electric strip and he shocks her," police wrote in charging documents.

After pizza, Toby Taylor said, his wife hooked herself up to the nipple-shock mechanism. He joined her, put electrical tape over her mouth, and gave her three or four shocks until she fell over on the floor, unconscious, police said.

The county coroner said he'd never seen a case like it.

"Even if you did it before, you have to know you could kill someone," Coroner Barry Bloss said to The York Daily Record.

Incidentally, an obituary for Kirsten uses her maiden name only, not Taylor, and does not mention her marriage or Toby Taylor.

The Smoking Gun has the charging documents.

* Kathy Stevens, a friend and former colleague, is the tenacious cops reporter behind this lede.

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New BSO spokesman a familiar face

LeljedalNew Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti has promoted longtime department spokesman Jim Leljedal, top left, to director of the media relations bureau.

Out: Elliot Cohen, below left, who held the director post for less than three years. Former Sheriff Ken Jenne had brought in Cohen in September 2005 to lead the media office. Cohen had previously been a radio and TV reporter. Monday was his last day at BSO.

Leljedal, 54, has been a BSO spokesman since 1983, most recently working the night shift. He, too, has a background in radio and TV news, but here's what makes Leljedal stand out: He's also a cop.

Leljedal went through the police academy and became a sworn deputy in 1992. According to reports from BSO, Sheriff Lamberti wanted a real law enforcement officer to be the public voice of his department. (At most of South Florida's larger police agencies - Miami, Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale - active-duty officers handle Cohen_small_2calls from reporters and live shots from crime scenes.)

"I've known him for the whole 24 years I've been here," Leljedal said about Lamberti. "I'm really genuinely happy and honored to be working for him."*

Here's a lineup of BSO's public information officers and their bios. It should be noted: Veda, Keyla, Mike (an auxiliary FHP trooper) and Billye do a standup job, even if they're not deputies. Reporters and police PIOs are naturally going to butt heads over some things -- access at scenes, immediate distribution of information, etc. -- but the BSO media staff is generally helpful and professional day in and day out. 

* Thanks to Jen Lebovich for her help on this post.

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Police hunt serial killer

Stacey_gageA serial killer is on the loose in Daytona Beach, police say.

The same person who likely shot and killed three women two years ago is being blamed for another homicide this month.

Police found the most recent victim, Stacey Gage, 30, in a wooded area. They did not say how she was killed or why they believe her killer is also behind the slayings of Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green and Iwana Patton, whose bodies were found in an alley, at a construction site and along a dirt road.

Laquetta_guntherA police profiler said after the first three killings that he believed the assailant was a "normal, clean-cut" person using violence as a way of dealing with "casual stress in his life." The profiler guessed a close acquaintance in the killer's life "may become a victim in the future."

Just an uneducated guess here, but the first thing I thought when I processed this was: What if Stacey Gage was that close acquaintance, and the killer finally made her a victim? 

Julie_green As police hunt for the killer, they're telling all women in the Daytona Beach area to exercise caution.

Photos, from top to bottom: Gage, Gunther, Green and Patton. 


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Crash at the Cracker Barrel

A minivan backed into the front doors of a Pembroke Pines Cracker Barrel on Wednesday night, injuring five people.

But, seemingly resilient, the restaurant stayed open as paramedics responded and treated the injured. None of the injuries were life threatening.

At about 7:30 p.m., the minivan was backing up when it went too far, its rear end smashing into the front doors of the Cracker Barrel on Sheridan Street just east of Interstate 75. Five people, all elderly, were hurt, said Shawn Hallich, assistant fire marshal with Pembroke Pines Fire Department.

All the injuries were non-life threatening. Paramedics took for people to Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines and the fifth to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, he said.

The building survived just fine with only damage to its front doors. As paramedics treated people in front of restaurant, servers inside took orders and brought food to customers.

People who were done eating were allowed out. They just had to go through a side door.

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Owner defends her store, but shot in the process

   Two robbers walked into her store Tuesday evening, but the store owner wasn't about to
let them leave with her cash.

   She pulled her gun from the register.

   Unfortunately, one of the robbers fired first. 

   The owner of the store, at 10192 NW Seventh Ave., was grazed in the shoulder. Not a life-threatening injury, Miami-Dade police say.

   The robbers fled -- without any of the intended loot.

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Jail tour shows life behind bars

Jail From newly minted Crime Scene blogger Jennifer Lebovich:

I took a step inside a jail cell at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Tuesday -- don't worry, they let me back out.

It was just part of a media tour through the facility -- part of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department that currently has about 6,800 people in custody.

Our group of reporters met Sandy, one of four Labrador Retrievers responsible for sniffing out drugs on inmates or visitors to the county's jails. Some of her discovery's include about three ounces of marijuana in the shape of a hockey puck and an ounce of cocaine -- stuffed in a girdle.

The tour took us through a unit that currently houses 41 female inmates sentenced to a drug treatment program. Inside they work, have visits with counselors and can even get acupuncture.

"You don't want to be in jail," said Courtney McKnight, 20, who estimated she's eaten about 100 lunchtime sandwiches since she was locked up four months ago for a probation violation. She is set to be released in mid-March.

Her advice to others: "Stay out of trouble."

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Fire chief acts like a boob

Uma Ugly story out of Umatilla (Where? Here.), FL. The new fire chief lost his job after being caught e-mailing photos of a car-crash victim to various fire departments.

The photos, taken at the scene, included shots of the 26-year-old woman's breasts. She later died from injuries suffered in the crash.

The chief, Richard Shirk, claimed he e-mailed the photos for educational purposes, calling them "invaluable investigative tools."

His bosses didn't agree. They called the photos "distasteful" and said Shirk had no reason to disperse them. He resigned Monday.

UPI has more.

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