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Sex 'n' text with teacher

Teacher A 27-year-old Biloxi, Miss., school teacher has been charged with sexual battery after police say she confessed to having multiple sexual encounters with a 15-year-old male student.

Rebecca Dawn Bogard, left, told investigators she had sex at least three times with the student. The most recent time, she said, happened Jan. 17 in her white Jaguar, which has the vanity tag "GRRRRR."

After that tryst, Bogard sent a text message to the teen's cellphone, which his mother intercepted. It said, according to cops, "I love you...it was the best...I'm sensitive but not sore...you were good."

The ever-entertaining Smoking Gun has the charging docs.


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tyler woodby

whats her number?


lucky kid


OMG cops r so stupid, if both parties agreed to have sex wheres the crime?...

Leave the poor woman alone its not like she has child porn or anything, and if it wasn't forced sex then wheres the problem. People should just stay out of other peoples business and besides if anyone read my text messages or anything else personal without even asking I am sure the police would be more worried about how that person ends up then a simple underage shag. And really I would be mad if my mum read my messages and got my girl put in jail, I would hater for life with out forgiving.


Grrr... cops should just go mind there own business, I bet the cops that got her, took her for them selves greedy little buggers lol, yer wheres her number...

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