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The Juice to The Donald: Hire me.

Oj Those celeb sleuths at TMZ.com are reporting that O.J. Simpson is trying to land a spot on the next season of NBC's The Apprentice.

And, their sources in Donald Trump's camp say The Juice is "under thoughtful consideration."

It'd be good work for O.J., no stranger to both the small and big screens. Keep in mind, of course, he's due in Las Vegas in September for a lengthy trial on armed robbery and kidnapping charges that could send him to prison for decades.


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Instead of "you're fired", Donald should say "you're guilty"...the words OJ needs to hear


What does OJ story have to do with the child who was shot while in his dad's arms? Why are you trying to associate OJ with this savage and senseless murder story? Why HERALD?

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