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Tired of dry, callused feet?

Pedegg If so, the PedEgg -- a device that buffs and files away warts and other foot imperfections -- might be for you.

But first, better check with Miami Beach-based models Kelly Parks-Corso and Jonathan Corso, who appeared in a cheesier-than-Easy Mac commercial for the foot-care gadget.

Apparently, they were none too pleased with the way their footsies came off on screen in an ad that has been broadcast all over the world.

And so, they've filed suit in Miami-Dade Circuit court. The Smoking Gun has the goods.

Named as defendants: PB and J Partners, a production company that made the commercial, and International Edge, which owns PedEgg.

The suit alleges that last July, PB and J sent out feelers for "hand and foot" models for a two-day shoot.

The job -- which paid $300 per model for the day's work -- was supposed to be for an Internet-only infomercial. The models were told they would be filmed receiving a pedicure and manicure, with only hands and feet shown, according to the suit.

When they got to the shoot, the couple quickly learned the plan had changed.

They were told that their feet were to be doctored with "horror" make-up for a dramatic before and after shot.

Parks-Corso and her husband were suprised, but decided to go ahead with the shoot.

That's a decision they would come to regret.

Pedeggreal Soon thereafter, they saw themselves on TV -- not part of the original agreement -- in a shoddy, low-grade ad.

It even appeared at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Check out the ad to see the plaintiffs for yourself.

Parks-Corso is the redhead in the ad's first shot and her hubby is the guy on the couch.


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What a couple of scammers! These two will always be "C" list actors.

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