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Police webmaster fired for porn-surfing

Stevenrloiacono_web The South Florida Times' Elgin Jones has a scoop this morning about the Fort Lauderdale Police webmaster fired for visiting porn websites on his work computer.

Steven Rocky Loiacono (left), 42, of Coral Springs was hired in 2001 and had been in charge of the police department's website and IT duties, pulling in about $91,000 a year.

The chief put Loiacono on paid suspension July 14 and said he will be officially terminated on Monday. An investigation revealed Loiacono spent a "significant" amount of time surfing hardcore sex sites during work hours, and he took steps to try to hide his Internet tracks, according to the Times.

There was no criminal activity involved, but the actions violated the police department's work policies.


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He could of at least said he was trying to find pedophiles (sp?) on line!!!!!!

Or hackers were trying to infiltrate the dept. web site!!!!

karen silver & Michael Lizzi

We have personally known Rocky for over 3 yrs. Shared Birthday parties, holidays and many other events with him and his lovely family. He is a wonderful dad, husband & friend. The only thing this negative publicity is doing is making a mockery of an upstanding citizen, respected father and lets not forget everything he has done by serving our country in desert storm. Maybe the media and police department should focus their efforts on REAL criminals!!!!!!!!

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