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Man tests positive for drugs, steals pee

Devin_2 While we're on the topic of pee, here's one about a Florida man who stole a fridge full of it.

Police say the Devin Anthony Perry broke into an Alachua County probation office and lifted a small refrigerator with urine samples - his was among them.

The 26-year-old man had tested positive for drugs and was apparently determined to get the contaminated sample back. He shot out the window of the office and took the fridge. He tried to cover his tracks, picking up broken glass from the window and setting a shrub under the window on fire, according to the story in The Gainesville Sun.

Fridge_2 The fridge hasn't been found.

Perry, who was on probation for drug charges, now faces charges of arson, destorying evidence, burglary and larceny.


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That's pretty weird. What would possess someone to do such a thing? Oh, right...drugs. Freak.


Maybe he was thirsty...


Jen Lebovich is the best!!!


I like it cold, too.


I know!!! One day I'm going to surpass you and become her #1 fan, though.


I prefer it at room temperature.


Did anyone hear about that guy who was found dead on the side of I95 last Thursday? What happened???

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