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Man fondles blowup dolls at Publix

Doll Attention Publix shoppers: Pay no attention to the man in the parking lot having sex with blowup dolls in his car.

Police in Cape Coral say 51-year-old George Bartusek was charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace after being spotted "inappropriately touching" two sex dolls.  

One anonymous witness told reporters, "As I walk by I see this guy with two blowup dolls, kissing them and bouncing them."

Police confiscated the dolls, who may or may not resemble the one here.


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Were they of legal age? Were they filled with air? Helium, Laughing Gas? Hydrogen? Were they willing particpants?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Vibrator Vicky

The cops blew that case wide open...

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