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No truth to Wal-Mart gang initiation rumors

Local police agencies say there's no evidence to support a rampant rumor circulating over text messages and the Internet that a gang is planning an attack at a South Florida Wal-Mart.   

"There's nothing to indicate this is rooted in fact,'' said Detective Rebeca Perez, a Miami-Dade police spokeswoman.  

The Broward Sheriff's Office called the threat a "long running hoax.''

BSO, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the Miami-Dade Police Department and Tallahassee police îîhave found no credible information to substantiate this threat,'' the PBSO said in a news release.

Dan Fogleman, a Wal-Mart spokesman said the company is taking extra precautions in light of the messages circulating.

"While we take these situations seriously, we regard this as only a rumor much like similar rumors that have circulated via e-mail in previous years,'' he said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the term "walmart gang initiation'' was one of the top searches on Google.


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I think that when these things go around, we should have Citizen's Crime Watch people hanging around with machetes. That's just my opinion.


I agree. I would hope there are more good citizens out there than there are gang members. So as long as we have the right to carry, we should exercise that right. After all, no one has a private police officer go to the mall with them for protection. The more Good guns out there, the better we are protected and the criminal will know that his odds are that that great!


Walmart is taking extra precautions?

Like what, paying the "associates" and extra $.25 and hour in hazard pay?

Walmart isn't doing jack to protect its customers any more than its trampled security guard that got killed last year.

Someone has to die to save a nickel...

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