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Men wanted to get rich while selling body parts

When I die I want a big Mariachi band dressed in white to sing a dramatic fond farewell, and then I want my cadaver to be used for scientific research. But what if a mad man decides he wants to sell my organs?

It sounds like a nightmare, but families who donated their loved ones' bodies to UCLA's medical school cadaver program are dealing with just that.

Ernest Nelson, 51, and Henry Reid, 54, the former director of UCLA's Willed Body Program, are accussed of carving up cadavers and selling the parts to unsuspecting medical research companies in a $1.5 million scheme. 

Los Angeles Times reports some of their clients included  pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (yup, the same people making your baby products).


Ernest Nelson awaiting a verdict during his trial in Los Angeles. AP

Here is the story.



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Nice guy.. he obviously hasn't seen "Evil Dead part 2"

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