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Schwarzenegger stirs debate on legalizing marijuana

Colombia_Drugs_XRM102 News about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger considering to legalize marijuana as a revenue-raising measure sparked controversy and an opinion by Sacramento Bee's Jim Sanders:

Bill Clinton tried it in college – but didn't inhale. Barack Obama inhaled. "Frequently," he once quipped. "That was the point." Bob Dylan sang about it: "Everybody must get stoned." Weed, pot, grass, doobie, Mary Jane – whatever you call it, there is no mistaking the pungent smell of burning joints or their impact on culture for decades.  Read more here.


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The link is bad...

How about writing about the disappearance and murder of Miami resident and young mother, Lilly Aramburo?? I don't understand why the Miami Herald and local media (except the Miami New Times) refuses to cover her story.

Apparently, Miami media suffers from Missing White Woman Syndrome. But I bet things would be completely different if Lilly was the daughter of some politician or police chief. Frankly, I was born and raised in Miami and I'm sickened by your callousness. I'm ashamed. This is a social justice issue and should be exposed for what it is.

Bet you'll cover her story once her body is found...

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