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Voodoo hex on prosecutors did not work

Palo Mayombe magic did not help Ruben Hernandez.

He was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in prison for a multimillion-dollar house-buying fraud scheme, Richard Winton reported.

He did manage to scare a few U.S. marshals and L.A. County deputy district attorney Eugene Hanrahan.

"Around the time of the preliminary hearing my left foot swelled up. It became very painful ... But it later fixed itself," said Hanrahan, The Los Angeles Times reported. "I didn't think about it at the time, until we discovered the shrine."

During his arrest on 2009, police found a shrine with skeletons, candles and other objects. Hernandez had put pins in the eyes of three effigy dolls and flipped them upside down in a brown liquid.

Each doll had the criminal case number on them and the names of Hanrahan and two investigators in the case.

When asked what his intention was, Hernandez said the "pins were a form of spiritual acupuncture" to make them see that he was a good man.

Here is the story.


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