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Escaped chimp attacks police car

Caught on Tape: In Kansas City an escaped chimpanzee busted a police car windshield before being lured back into its cage.


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Account Deleted

Wow. I wonder how will the police officers answer their superiors when they're asked what happened? I can only imagine the looks of the people in charge of the police cruiser's car service!
Indianapolis doesn't have people who take care of chimpanzees... or so I hope. Although I don't see the need to worry since I see a lot of animal control vans when I'm driving around town on my Hyundai.
Dealership (Indianapolis-area) for branded cars usually comes with insurance, so no need to worry about any chimpanzee attacks soon. Hahaha.

Jolandi Kerstetter

This is one angry chimp. But I'm glad that only one windshield was smashed, although it was a police car's. Hmm... You can never tell what a wild animal can do after having escaped from its owners. This event should serve as a warning for pet owners to always keep their pets in a fenced facility.

Carson Wininger

I pity the car for what happened, but you really can’t blame people as there are indeed places around the world wherein animals like chimpanzees can walk freely. Actually, in Thailand, elephants can roam around the city and they even serve as an attraction for the tourists.

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