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Schwarzenegger: No one cares if you smoke a joint

Soon-to-be-former governor of "Kaleefornia" Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't have been more blunt on the weed topic last night -- telling Jay Leno that in California "No one cares if you smoke a joint or not."


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du học singapore

I wish some major celebs would just come out and support the cause. Arnold come on...!
Now nobody cares if I smoke a joint, so is a bong okay too?

đèn led

It needs to be illegal because some people who smoke are irresponsible, Where I live the neighbors smokes pot and there is times it smells so bad I can't open my doors, windows or even go in my garage, When some drinks the alcohol doesn't impact my life, I have never not been able to open my doors, windows or go into my garage because people where drinking alcohol so there is a big difference between the two.

Niel Thomas

The effects of smoking kills you in the very young age, therefore we need to support the whole cause to prevent the demerits occurred due to smoking.

Celebrities are step forward to support these causes which really more helpful to protect humans from smoking effects.

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