Animal cops turning Japanese

This seems like a weird mix between Reno 911! and one of those badly dubbed martial arts movies.

Behold, Miami-Dade Animal Police on the prowl for strays with a Japanese film crew:

Desperate times ... desperate measures

080616_suspect_rigs_gas_pump As gas prices continue to go up and up, people are doing just about anything to find cheaper alternatives.

Here's one the government doesn't recommend: Stealing gas by using a universal key to unlock the pumps.

It's what this guy, above left, is suspected of doing at a Citgo station at Southwest Eighth Street and 22nd Avenue in Miami. He apparently let his buddies in on the scheme, too: Police say a total of five cars pulled up one after another, making off with a total of 100 gallons.

It seems similar to a 2006 gas-swiping scam in Baltimore, where gas stations reported a loss of about 4,000 gallons costing almost $12,000. That time, the thieves used a master key to reprogram the pumps so the store attendant didn't realize what was happening.   

Peeping Tom makes wrong call

Video The latest from the photographic pervert file: Oscar Espinosa, who cops say hid a camera in his rolling suitcase and filmed up the skirt of a woman at Aventura Mall last week.

Espinosa, 49, has been charged with video voyeurism and battery, public records show.

According to WSVN-7, Virginia Malpica was waiting at an AT&T kiosk when Espinosa approached dragging a black suitcase.

He then walked away, leaving it there. She glanced down and noticed an open zipper, with a camera lens pointed up.

She called for the cops, and police took him away.

For a story we brought you about advancements in spy technology, follow this link.

O.J.'s world: Bull's eyes and dollar signs

Oj Thanks to reader and alert barfly Eric from Hollywood for alerting us to an impromptu radio interview O.J. Simpson gave Saturday night at the Kendall Ale House (left).

The Juice raps for a few minutes with 640 AM host Andy Slater about Big Brown's Triple Crown loss ("I'm a big racing fan," Simpson says, adding, "Of all the athletes, horses are the most delicate.") and the death of sportscaster Jim McKay ("He was always a gentleman.").

Then Slater tried to go from fluffy to edgy. I guess he remembered that Simpson, besides being a Hall of Fame athlete, is also out of jail on bail pending an armed robbery and kidnapping trial in Las Vegas next fall that could send him to prison for life if he's convicted.

"A lot of people are going to say, 'Why are you talking to O.J. about sports and horses and broadcasters?' " Slater said. "So, you're obviously going through a lot right now. What's up with all that?"

O.J., who has an uncanny ability to stay on-message, portrayed himself as a victim.

"I've had to accept that I'm a target for a lot of people," Simpson said. "I feel like I've got a bull's eye on my chest and a dollar sign on my back."

He went on to talk about how proud he is of raising two "productive, proper" kids who are both now in college. "If you're going to judge me by what I've done in the past 10 years, look at my kids," Simpson said. 

Listen to the whole Simpson interview here. ("I think he was a little buzzed," Eric writes.)

Murder suspect goes berserk in court

Mitchellleesimpson A Miami-Dade murder suspect made the cable-news highlight reel today with an unprovoked outburst in bond court.

Mitchell Lee Simpson, 20, was denied bond after being charged in connection with the shooting death of a 16-year-old Homestead boy last month. Investigators say the teen was robbed of his gold-chain necklace before being shot.

That's a picture of Simpson on the left, decking the defendant behind him in court. Mitchell punched the guy in the face and dragged him to the ground before officers pulled him away. The other man was not seriously injured, and the attack appeared to be unprovoked, according to WFOR-CBS 4, which captured it on video.   

Maybe Mitchell was less than excited at the prospect of going back to prison. He was just released in March from a one-year stint in the slammer for burglary.

Coming to MIA: Peep shows!

Bodyscanstoryx Some time this month, body-scanning machines that can peer through clothing will be installed at Miami International Airport, according to USA Today.

Civil libertarians are up in arms about the new security measures, but as any kid who leafed through the back of comic books knows, it's old technology.

TSA's next initiative: Getting fit with Charles Atlas!

Kimbo's SoBe slice

Kimbo Much ink has been given to rising mixed-martial arts star Kimbo Slice (aka Kevin Ferguson), as well it should.

The 34-year-old homegrown athlete from the 305 played football at Miami Palmetto before finding a growing MMA fanbase with online fight videos. He made his TV debut last weekend in a nationally televised fight he won against James "The Colossus" Thompson (Kimbo made the dude's ear bleed).

The Smoking Gun today pulled up a mugshot (left) from Kimbo's 2002 arrest in Miami Beach. Cops charged him with a gun charge and an open-container violation. The weapons charge was dropped, and Kimbo attended an alcohol-education course after pleading no contest to the other citation.

The Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard reports it was Kimbo's only violent brush with the law.

A mug only a mother could love (UPDATED)

0530082mugs6 One of our favorite Monday time-passers here at Crime Scene is scrolling through the freshly posted mugshots The Smoking Gun compiles from all over the country.

This week's collection includes the requisite pretty girls, funny T-shirts and bad haircuts. And my personal favorite, the woman at the left who's flipping the bird.

The mugshots must be a popular feature, or else I'm guessing TSG wouldn't post them every week.

The Palm Beach Post now links the latest county jail mugshots prominently on its homepage. That recently got New Times blogger Bob Norman questioning whether this application of public records is "appropriate for a serious newspaper." 

An interesting debate. What do you think? Would you like to see the Herald post mugshots of every person who comes through the Miami-Dade and Broward jails?

**UPDATE: We do have a gallery of celebrity mugshots. Click here to see what everyone from muzak impresario Yanni to rock legend Jim Morrison to state Sen. Mandy Dawson looked like after their South Florida busts. 

That's hot

Flaming They say Drake's Bar is the hottest spot to party in Kendall.

Proof: At 2 a.m. Sunday, a woman dancing on the bar accidentally kicked a flaming drink onto an unsuspecting patron, sending him to the hospital with severe burns on his chest and arms.

Fire-rescue workers said the woman in her 20s was helping out with a liquor-and-fire display on the bar. She let the spirit take her, so to speak, and started dancing away.

She got some of the fiery concoction on her foot, so she instinctly tried to kick it off. She launched the flaming alcohol onto this poor barfly who had to be taken to burn unit.

I wonder how they'd handle this situation at Flaming Moe's

No crime in learning

Cri Nothing to see here, folks.

Just a shout-out to the inquisitive and red-shirted sharks from Nautilus Middle School who visited the newsroom today.

Thanks for the questions, kids. Now, stay in school and make sure this is the last time you're mentioned on Crime Scene.

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