Drunkest guy ever goes for more beer

McNugget rage turns to crime

0303091inside1 Police in Fort Pierce have charged 27-year-old Latreasa Goodman (left) with misusing the 911 system after she called the emergency number three times to report that her local McDonald's was out of Chicken McNuggets.

"This is an emergency," she said to the 911 operator.Seriously. "My McNuggets are an emergency."

Only in Florida. Ba da ba ba baaaaa. I'm loving it.

Slangin' weed at the drive-thru

454225507_5c832723b8 This kind of story really makes you think David Simon picked the right city for the backdrop of The Wire.

Cops in Baltimore got a tip Douglas Brice, 27, was selling weed at a local McDonald's drive-thru.

Sure enough, the cops went to investigate and said Brice sold 'em pot when they asked for it with their Quarter Pounders.

Thanks to MenuPages Blog for the tip.

Subway: Steal fresh

Subway_Logo_Large Looks like those annoying "Five Dollar Footlong" commercials finally made someone reach their breaking point.

Omaha police are searching for a man who walked into a local Subway, started filling out a job application, and then abruptly pulled out a knife and robbed the store.

Like the AP says, odds are this dude probably won't get the Sandwich Artist job.

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