Moms arrested after sleepover sex party

Honey A bunch of teenagers had a co-ed party at a suburban Bucks County, Pa., home that turned sexual after the girls departed and the boys were left behind with two moms, police said.

Angela Honeycutt (above, left), 38, is accused of stripping in front of the teenage boys and having sex in a shower with two of them, ages 14 and 15.

The alleged incidents happened in April in a home owned by Lynne Long (above, right), 45, who investigators say was home at the time but did nothing to intervene. In fact, according to charging documents filed after both were arrested last week, Long encouraged the other boys to listen in on the sex acts (police said Long's children were not home at the time). 

Attorneys for both women described them as single moms who help each other through life, and the lawyers said Honeycutt and Long are not guilty.

Police launched the investigation after one of the alleged victims told his parents about what happened at the sleepover. "He was somewhat traumatized by it," Lower Makefield Township Police Chief Ken Coluzzi told The Philadelphia Inquirer

From the WTF? Department

A Palm Beach County teenager had anal sex with his mom's male German shepherd and videotaped the act. On Thursday, a judge said the 18-year-old and his mother must surrender their pets to the county.

The mother objected, saying she didn't do anything wrong and was "mortified" to learn of her honor-student son's sick fetish. But the judge took the pets away and ordered $1,800 in court costs.

Here's the thing: Shocking as bestiality is, it's not illegal in Florida. The most prosecutors can hope for is a cruelty-to-animals conviction, but the penalties for that aren't too stiff.

State Sen. Nan Rich from Sunrise tried unsuccessfully this year to pass a law making bestiality illegal. Rich, an child's rights advocate who says animal abusers and child abusers are often one in the same, vowed to refile her bill next year.

Until she does, here's hoping no dog has to endure what the poor shepherd in PBC did. 

Cut me, baby

Weird sex gets weirder in Canada, where a woman has pleaded guilty to nearly killing her boyfriend during the height of passion.

Catherine McCoubrey, 25, admitted to carving a heart into her boyfriend's chest. The wound punctured his real heart, and he almost died.

The boyfriend vouched for McCoubrey, telling authorities the couple had been drinking heavily before engaging in rough sex, and that he asked her to carve up his chest. Unclear if they're still together.

Thanks to Howard Stern show news ace Robin Quivers for the tip.

Antarctic sexual mismatch

080513sciencesealsexhmed9awidec "A seal has been caught on camera trying to have sex with a penguin."

And with that lede, MSNBC, you had me at hello.

Yes, researchers snapped shots of a 45-minute encounter in which a 240-pound fur seal sexually assaulted a helpless, 30-pound penguin (left).

Ms. (or Mr.) Penguin put up a fight:

"The hapless bird of unknown sex struggled, rapidly flapping its flippers and attempting to stand and flee, without luck."


The seal, unsuccessful in his brutal efforts, blubbered off to the ocean without a kiss goodbye. Bastard. Penguin, all of us here at Crime Scene are wishing you a full recovery. 

Fla. doc accused of fondling

Sotonwa Police say Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, left, inappropriately touched nine patients in his Largo office in the past year.

Sotonwa, 42, has been practicing internal medicine in Florida since 2004. A U.S. citizen, he was born and educated in Nigeria and completed his medical training in Pennsylvania.

Investigators allege he massaged teenage patients' breasts, fondled another patient's clitoris with an ungloved hand and tried to put a business card near another patient's anus, among other complaints. He has been charged with several counts of lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery and was released on bond Thursday night.

The St. Pete Times has a good story about the case. The Smoking Gun has the charging documents.

Here was our blog about the last Florida Dr. Do-Bad.

Guy gets poked during lap dance

Heel Lap dances are supposed to be fun, right?

Not for Stephen Chang, who claims an exotic dancer poked him in the eye with the heel of her stripper shoe during a private dance. 

In a lawsuit filed this week, Chang says the stripper "suddenly swung around," booting him in the eye. The alleged incident happened in November at the Hot Lap Dance Club in New York (clever name).

The New York Daily News has more.

Key West sexcapade

A random hookup at Key West's popular Bull and Whistle bar on Saturday turned into something very scary for a 32-year-old man.

Police -- called to an abandoned house by a suspicious neighbor -- found the victim dressed in women's underwear, bound with pantyhose and gagged with a foam ball. Also strewn about the house: a blue vibrator, a bra, two tennis balls, a flashlight and a Busch beer can with holes poked in it to smoke drugs.

The victim told police he was riding his bike when a stranger approached him outside the Bull and Whistle and asked if he wanted to "fool around." The pair went to the abandoned house, but after a few minutes, the victim said he felt uncomfortable. 

When he tried to leave, his assailant overpowered him and tied him to a chair with the pantyhose, twisting it like rope. Luckily, a neighbor saw the two go into the house and called police, who arrived about 30 minutes after the man was tied up.

Police are now hunting for the bad guy, who faces a charge of false imprisonment. The ever-vigilent Smoking Gun has the police report.

Man caught in compromising position - with lamppost

The Telegraph brings us an odd story from England, where a 32-year-old man was arrested for "simulating a sex act'' with a lamppost.

The paper reports the February incident occured in front of children in Wiltshire, in the southwest of England.

The man was arrested on suspicion of outraging public decency before being released and then reinterviewed by police.

And he's not the only one.

Last week in London, a contractor working at a hospital was "caught on his knees'' with a Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner.

A security guard found the man, who -- get this -- claims he was cleaning his underwear.

Doc, is that a painkiller in your pocket?

Malang Yes, AND he's happy to see you.

Jacksonville doctor Benjamin S. Malang (left) allegedly found a way to pump up his acupuncture business: He wrote free painkiller prescriptions for patients who had sex with him.

Police launched an investigation earlier this month after a patient told cops Malang, who is 70 (!!!), had been giving her Hydrocodone and Oxycontin scripts in exchange for sex at his home and office for the past two years. Undercover cops set up similar arrangements with Malang and arrested him, the Florida Times-Union reported.

Malang, who has been licensed to practice in Florida since 1984, once served as senior physician for a North Florida jail. His medical training is listed as "Far Easteren (sic) medical school" on a police report, which The Smoking Gun posted.

Orgies, softball and beatings

A life of drunken orgies, softball after-parties and inmate beat-downs. That's how Florida's former prisons chief, Jim McDonough, described the state's prison-guard culture in a recent interview with CNN.

McDonough said he resigned from his post earlier this month because he felt he brought sufficient reforms to the prison system in his two years at its helm. But when he got there, here's what McDonough said he found:

-Guards bought and sold steroids to bulk up and give them an edge in their highly competitive softball league.

-Guards used taxpayer funds to buy booze for big parties after softball games, something McDonough said had become "an obsession" among prison staff. "They seemed to be drunk half the time and had orgies the other half," he said.

-Guards brutalized inmates and other guards who threatened to report their behavior.

McDonough said he helped rid the prison system of this "cancer" by demoting and firing corrupt guards and prison officials. He has since accepted a job with a New York foundation that promotes criminal-justice reform.   

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