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Final Cuban exchange student arrives in Miami

The last of 17 Cuban students taking part in a rare academic exchange has arrived in Miami.

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba says the final student arrived Thursday.

Most of the students arrived earlier in January and have already begun classes at Miami Dade College.

The foundation is paying for the students' tuition, lodging, meal and transportation costs. All of the students are dissidents.

Though groups of U.S. students routinely travel to the island to participate in licensed academic exchanges, Cuban students rarely study in the U.S.

The Cuban students are taking classes in English, computing, business and other subjects. All are required to return to Cuba when the six-month program is complete.



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Don't be fooled- your Tax dollars are paying for this, via a Government grant of $1.6 Million dollars to this bogus "foundation".

William Read

"All of the students are dissidents".

Strange that this fact was omitted from the initial reports of thie initiative. Also interesting is that there is never a mention in the Herald of the long-standing Cuban initiative to educate American students from poor backgrounds in various subjects, who receive a free Cuban education.


Where ya' been, willie? A nice vacation in North Korea?

Did you get an invitation to the Death by starving Dogs execution of the dear Leaders Uncle?

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