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Broward teacher charged with making student unclog urinal

Coral Springs police arrested and charged a Broward teacher for forcing a student to put his hands in a urinal earlier this month.

According to police, teacher Jennifer Forshey, 58, a teacher at Broward Community Charter School accused a 10-year old student of clogging the drain of a urinal in the boys’ bathroom at school, according to a Feb. 6 arrest report.

Forshey then ordered the child back into the bathroom and had him use his hands to remove all the paper towel products out of the urinal drain.

According to the report, the child held a paper towel in his hand while grabbing the paper products out of the urinal drain. The paper and urinal were wet enough to seep through the paper towel he was holding causing his hands to smell like urine.

Forshey did not provide the student with cleansing materials after he had picked up the wet paper towels.

The report said Forshey admitted to the incident.

Forshey faces a charge of battery on a child.

-- CBS4



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No word on vandalism done by the precious little darling?


Lemme get this straight ...

A child vandalizes school property, a teacher makes him clean up the mess he's made, and the TEACHER is charged?

Battery on a child? Really ...! How about battery on common sense?


I had to do the same thing once at summer camp...I learned my lesson!!

Z Rock

Jennifer Forshey was my childs teacher a few years ago and she is a sociopath and passive aggressive it was only a matter of time before the law caught up with her crazy ass. I removed my children not only from her class but the entire school. The staff and principal Mr Drag at the time cover up the poor behavior of these teachers. They tell the children to shut up and Jennifer Forshey threatens the kids and talks crazy and when the parents complain she pretends to be an innocent sweet lady. She is a liar and mentally disturbed she needs to be permanently removed from the educational system and be out into a mental institution. Its unfortunate that we as parents have to compromise our children's innocence to this type of trash in a classroom, thanks to J Forshey I now homeschool my children, Florida schools have failed and continue to fail and with "teachers" like her your kids don't have a chance..I would never recommend this school to my worst enemy.. This entire school and its staff needs to be investigated, a lot goes on thats covered up..Parents Beware of Broward Community Charter West, don't let the Heron Bay location fool you...

Kenneth Newman

Let thew teacher clean out a pig pen, with her hands!!!

as for whether this is child abuse, that could be debated for months!!!


I support the teacher based on the information made available. The school should defend the teacher, as well.

Z Rock is an idiot

I hope Ms. Forshey finds the comment from the "Z Rock" idiot and charges him/her with slander! "Sociopath, mentally disturbed" etc - those are serious charges that I'm sure the jerk who choosed to be anonymous as Z Rock can't back up.

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