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Chicken-foot dispute leads to fatal beating

By Dan Sullivan and Jessica Vander Velde, Tampa Bay Times

A Tampa man has been charged with manslaughter after an investigation revealed that he beat his roommate to death following a disagreement about a chicken foot, according to Tampa police.

James Jugo, 52, admitted in an interview with detectives Saturday that he beat his roommate, 56-year-old Benjamin Calderon, with his fist after an argument about some stolen food, police said.

The fight started Friday night when Jugo took a chicken foot from a skillet as Calderon cooked in the apartment they shared, police said.

Officers were later called to the apartment to investigate an "unexplained death."

An autopsy revealed that Calderon suffered internal bleeding after being hit numerous times about the face, neck and body, police said. A witness told police that she saw Jugo hit Calderon with a board.

Jugo was charged and booked in jail Saturday. He is being held on $15,000 bail.

Records show Jugo has been arrested 19 times in Florida on charges including burglary, cocaine possession, petty theft, probation violation, open container and possessing a dangerous dog.

Calderon has been arrested twice in the state, on charges of DUI and failure to appear.


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Mel Wilson

Foot? Shouldn't it be chicken "leg"?

Kay Mann

"you best not be touchin my chicken foots!"

so the murderer was arrested 19 times before in Florida alone? I wonder how many other states this crack-head has met sheriff john brown. good grief, and some sleazy lawyers and judges let him go so that he can walk around among us. any bets on who this animal voted for?


At this rate we all may be eating chicken foot burgers!


Floriduuurrrrr . .

Obvious republican . .


Benghazi Hussein Zerobama!!! Aiyaaiha!


Mel Wilson: Nope! People do actually eat chicken feet (or actually peel the skin off of the feet with their teeth while dragging the foot out of their mouth).

I worked for an attorney years ago (who was later placed in the witness protection program for working with drug cartels all over the United States .... he was known as the "tax wizard") ... who, would sit at his desk and eat these things while giving instructions to his staff and dictating letters.

ICK .. super ICK!

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