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Cops: Teen escort suffocates client

From the Palm Beach Post:

Alvira A 19-year-old female escort was arrested by Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies Wednesday night for allegedly suffocating a man in Lake Worth this year.

Andrea Nicole Alvira was denied bond at first appearance Thursday morning by Judge Joseph Marx because of the facts of the case. She will remain in the Palm Beach County Jail until her next hearing.

According to the arrest report, Alvira was hired on Jan. 15 and met her “date” on the 5300 block of Rivermill Lane just after 3 a.m. She claims the 22-year-old man said he didn’t have a condom or money and that he’d come back, according to the report. She waited for about 30 minutes and then the two are seen on camera walking to a lake area in the community.

A security guard later saw Alvira chasing the man and called 911, according to the report. Once deputies arrived, the man was unconscious. When Alvira was later interviewed, she said the man robbed and raped her, so she held him down until he went limp, according to the report.

Go to pbpost.com for the full story.


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Fred De

She will be out of jail in ten years. This is due to feminist jurisprudence(double standard for female criminals


The wages of sin......


Who said that prostitution is a victimless crime?


THe title of the article caught me off guard when learning that it was actually more so strangulation. When I think of prostitue and suffocation; I think of not being able to breath because I stuck my head between her breasts; or she pulled on the leather whip too hard that was tied around my neck.


I am confused. Did the victim DIE? Or was he merely rendered unconscious...


Uh oh, dummy me... He was unconscious. Speed reading course failed me again!

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