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Cops: DJ Laz driving boat involved in deadly accident


For an update on this story, go to MiamiHerald.com

LazPopular South Florida radio personality  DJ Laz was behind the wheel of a boat involved in a deadly accident over the weekend off Key Biscayne.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that Lazaro Mendez, know to his fans as DJ Laz, is the owner of the 40-foot vessel dubbed Off The Air and was operating it at the time of the accident.

On Sunday, several people were helping to push the boat off the sandbar at Nixon Beach when 23-year old Ernesto Hernandez pitched in to help.

“Unfortunately, there was another young man who came to assist. He ended up, we don’t know why, in the rear of the vessel and one of the engines actually caught his body, his torso, causing him to suffer some very severe injures,” said FWC Officer Jorge Pino.

Law enforcement boats were already gathered in the area off Nixon Beach to patrol the crowds. They rushed in to help Hernandez.

“The rescue pulled up next to us with a gentleman in real bad shape. He was covered up. They were pumping him,” said Frank Alonso, who was out boating.

“They put him in the rescue, the helicopter came and took off,” added Werner Velasquez.

At the hospital, Hernandez’s family learned he did not survive.

Pino described DJ Laz as being distraught at the scene and “very sympathetic” to the family of the man who died.

Investigators are trying to determine exactly how the incident happened. Pino said DJ Laz has “cooperated fully” in the investigation and voluntarily provided a blood sample. A blood sample was also taken from Hernandez.

“Our investigators are going to look at whether alcohol played a role, carelessness, recklessness. All those things will be looked into to see if we should press charges against the operator of the vessel,” said Pino.

Pino said the toxicology reports could take days or weeks.

-- CBS4


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Carlos Jones

Waiting for the sympathetic phone call from the Impostor in Charge


This POS was prolly drinking like a fish prior to the accident...

The Voice

If you caught in low tide, just wait, is coming back up. If you want to push, everyone off the boat. For God sake turn the engine off. The Captain is responsible for evrything, specially when the engine is on.


The captain is responsible but you have to be one idiot to go behind there and do what he did. I mean you're not a little boy. You're a grown man and common sense and a poor lack of judgement was obvious. I'm a avid boater and have been in these situations. I know to wait and I certainly know to never go behind a boat. At times when we've had to, we require the tell the owner to please shut it off. Then when we know for sure its off then we go.

Christopher Todd

A PSA previous produced by the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety ...



What blood sample from Mr. Hernandez? He bled to death in the middle of the sand bar and two complete strangers helped him to the coast guard cutter because his people did nothing. So unfortunate. My condolences to his family and loved ones.


Aclchol or not he is responsible. There was no use of common sense here. Carelessness and wreck less is what I see in the video.

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