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FWC: Two Dead, Two Missing After Boat Collision

From CBS4:

MIAMI — Two people are dead and two victims are missing  after a boat collided off Dinner Key Saturday morning, according to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Coast Guard crews were able to rescue several others and bring them ashore. They were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital.

Officials received notification from a boater on a 36-foot pleasure craft saying his boat was hit by another pleasure craft. His boat was taking on water and several people were in the water with injuries.

The man also said the vessel that struck his boat did not stop after the collision.

Commercial crews were able to find the boat they believed to be involved in the wreck. There were two unconscious women aboard the 32-foot vessel.

When Coast Guard crews contacted the owner of the boat which allegedly hit the vessel, officials were informed, the owner’s son had taken the vessel out Friday evening.

Crews continue to search for the missing boater and any other possible passengers.

The conditions of the injured boaters are not known at this time. FWC officials continue to investigation the cause of the collision.

Go to miami.cbslocal.com to read more.


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Hit and Run boaters. Only in Miami!

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