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Dolphins deal for Jake Long looking good

So maybe the Dolphins got something of a bargain on Jake Long after all.

Even though Long is the highest-paid player on the Dolphins, even though he is the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL, he isn't the highest-paid rookie coming out of this year's class.

That would be Matt Ryan today.

Ryan, via his agent Tom Condon, has agreed today to a six-year deal worth $72 million. The deal includes $34.75 million in guaranteed money. So let's do the math.

Long, drafted first overall, signed a five-year deal worth $57.75 million. He is getting an average of $11.55 million per year on his deal. Ryan, drafted third overall, is getting $12 million per year on his deal.

Granted Ryan is tied up for one more year and he is, after all, a quarterback so he is supposed to make more money. But I would remind you tying up a rookie for one extra year is a good thing -- for salary cap purposes -- only if he turns out to be a good player.

So on this one the Dolphins done good.

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