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Taylor drama not as bad as I thought it would be

After discussing Wednesday's statement by Tony Sparano about Jason Taylor with representatives for BOTH sides, I asked myself this question: Why don't I get a real job?

No, actually I asked myself, 'What has changed?'

The answer is very little. I wrote a column for Mother Herald about the matter. Read it, dammit! We now know beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a rift between Jason Taylor and the Dolphins. Big deal. Been saying that since March. There's a fracture, people.

The bottom line is the Dolphins, I am told, are actively trying to trade Taylor. Good for the team because it is trying to get more draft picks for next year. Taylor, I am told, is actively seeking roles and opportunities in Hollywood. Good for him. Chances are pretty solid Taylor will not play for the Dolphins in 2008. Great for fans tired of off-field drama.

But that is not absolute. Taylor still has not publicly ripped the Dolphins and the team source that I spoke with about this noted that Taylor "hasn't been a pain at all."

Meanwhile, Miami's announcement -- contrary to the crazy pundits crying that it is a slam and signals the end -- did not publicly rip Taylor. Sparano's statement simply stated a fact the Taylor's camp had made known to the Dolphins.

So this is simply business being played out in the public light. I got (blog writing) no problems with it because, frankly, I expected much, much worse. Notice no one is PUBLICLY ripping the other side. If that happens, then we can say it has gotten ugly. But not until then.

Anyway, what do you think should happen next ...

... One more thought: I am told Taylor paid very careful attention to how Michael Strahan conducted himself last offseason. He was impressed that Strahan didn't have to get beat up in training camp, but still rejoined his team in time to get paid and play the season. And, it should be noted, Strahan's season ended with a Super Bowl trophy.

So missing training camp is not a crisis in Taylor's mind. Fact is, he does not cherish getting beat up for a month facing rookie Jake Long in two-a-days. He would do that for a week or 10 days. But not a month.

The bottom line is this will get resolved. And that resolution -- be it a trade, retirement or Taylor's return to the team -- should happen by the middle to late part of training camp. I predict late August the latest.

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