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JT for Greg Ellis a deal that makes sense?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Dolphins have a connection as evidenced by the trades the teams made during free agency and the draft, the fact each has signed the other's discards, and the fact part of the Dallas coaching and personnel staff is now working in Miami.

So doesn't it make sense for the Cowboys and Dolphins to swap Greg Ellis for Jason Taylor?


Although Taylor lies states he would be happy playing for the Dolphins in 2008, the fact remains he wants to play for a winner. The Cowboys fit that bill. Taylor, I am told, would happily adjust his contract to make a move to Dallas for the one more year he says he's going to play. This is not a money issue for him, it is about the chance to go out with a ring and he doesn't think he has that chance in Miami no matter what he lies says to protect his image.


He will be 33 years old before the season and is reportedly unhappy in Dallas because the Cowboys are trying to find more playing and practice time for 2007 first-round pick Anthony Spencer. Ellis is so disturbed by this he didn't show up to some OTA work the last couple of weeks.

Taylor is clearly the more accomplished pass-rusher but last year struggled against the run. Ellis is the better run-stopper but not as efficient rushing the passer. He did have 12.5 sackes last year, but he's helped by the fact the Cowboys have other pass-rush threats (read DeMarcus Ware) helping him out.

So how much of a stretch is it to think the teams could swap aging but productive defensive players? Not much when you think that Dallas may not be scared away by Taylor's desire (or lack thereof) to play only one more year. Again, I remind you they have Spencer on deck.

This trade, by the way, is not something I've been told will happen. Just want to clear that up. But the Cowboys interest in Taylor is quite poorly veiled. Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, has reported the Cowboys have had "internal discussions" about adding Taylor.

Finally, this trade makes more sense than some of the ones you guys have previously proposed on this blog or on my weekend radio show. The most notable of those is trading Taylor to the Bengals for Chad Johnson, which will NEVER happen.

Let me address this one once and for all. Johnson is not on the trade block. That is proven by the fact the Bengals turned down two first round picks from Washington in exchange for Johnson. If they turned down two first round picks for Johnson, they are not going to turn around and give him up for a player that will play only one more season.