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The Tuna speaks to ME (and others)

Just spent 20 minutes in a one-on-one interview with Bill Parcells. Parcells is doing a promotion for Gatorade in downtown Miami and the PR people for the company set up Parcells with local writers. I represented The Miami Herald.

I already filed an online story for The Herald website. That talks about The Big Tuna leaving the door open for Jason Taylor playing for the team even if he misses this weekend's mandatory minicamp and if he misses parts of training camp.

Other nuggets I'll give quickly before doing in-depth transcription for my print story:

*Parcells said he has no trouble working for new owner Stephen Ross. Ross sat next to him during the draft.

*Parcells said the Dolphins have more needs -- still -- than most teams. "You haven't got enough room in your column if I give you the list," Parcells said. "But I'm never happy."

*Parcells doesn't know what he has at quarterback and says we really won't know until the Dolphins lose a game, "35-7, the quarterback throws four interceptions, maybe his nose is broken, the fans are booing him, the press is on his [butt], and the coaches are looking at him sideways and the players are wondering what the hell he can do, and now it’s Wednesday afternoon and he’s got to get back in the huddle and prove to everybody in the organization he can lead your team."

*Parcells absolutely loves punter Brandon Fields. You read that right. He loves the punter. I'll explain why in my print story. Apparently he's not quite so in love with the kicker. Parcells said incumbent Jay Feely will have a competition on his hands for the job this year.

*Parcells continues to make the point he's not the guy in charge. Basically he's the guy making sure the guys in charge don't mess up.

*Finally, his favorite Gatorade flavor is Red Drive. "Less calories," said the man who took the first-ever Gatorade shower back in 1985-86.