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Keep your eyes on Dolphins WR position

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters today that receiver Terry Glenn will be released

Glenn is 34 years old and has knee issues which is the reason the Cowboys didn't want to risk letting him get injured in training camp. That might land Glenn on injured reserve and force the Cowboys to pay his $1.74 million salary without getting production in return.

So Glenn goes. Because he is a veteran with a certain amount of vested seasons, Glenn will not go through waivers. His contract is terminated. So he will be a free agent.

I don't think I have to remind you the Dallas connection involved here. The fact the Dolphins need receivers help and the fact Bill Parcells was with New England and became a fan of Glenn once owner Robert Kraft forced the coach to draft him.

Stay tuned to that.

There are also reports out of Arizona that receiver Anquan Boldin, although unhappy, will remain with the Arizona Cardinals. Although he said he would not re-sign with the team when his current contract expires in 2010, Boldin has said publicly he will, in fact, be with the Cards until 2010.

Well, this situation also demands scrutiny by the Dolphins.

An NFL source is telling me that while Boldin is showing some displeasure with the Cards in public, that is only part of the picture. Privately he is "disgusted" the Cardinals promised him a new contract and, in his mind, reneged on that promise. Boldin, a two-time Pro Bowl performer, currently makes $4 million per season. He thinks the team should make good on its promise and give him a bump that would bring him closer to the nearly $10 million per year fellow Cards receiver Larry Fitzgerald makes.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Boldin, flew to Arizona Thursday then drove to Flagstaff to meet with the Cardinals. The source is telling me the meeting included very serious talk about Boldin not being in Arizona anymore.

"I think Boldin will be in play," the NFL source said. "The Cardinals don't want to trade him. But I don't think the Giants wanted to trade Jeremy Shockey and the Dolphins didn't want to trade Jason Taylor. And we know how that turned out. When a team has an unhappy player in camp, it is not a comfortable situation for anyone."

Rosenhaus was traveling Friday and was not available for comment.

So why am I telling you this stuff?

You put this together: The Cardinals have a disgruntled 27-year-old receiver who has appeared in multiple Pro Bowls. He is from Pahokee, FL. He played at Florida State. He loves South Florida. Did I mention the Dolphins have a HUGE need to improve their receivers corps? They have a spare second-round pick they just got in the Jason Taylor trade. And they have approximately $21 million in salary cap space that they cannot possibly spend before the end of this season.

Can you say perfect fit?

I am not saying the Dolphins have contacted the Cardinals about Boldin, although at least one team has since it became public Boldin is unhappy in Arizona. I am saying the Dolphins should contact the Cardinals to weigh the possibilities.

Not doing that when Miami has such a clear need at the position would border on irresponsibility. And neither Bill Parcells nor Jeff Ireland are irresponsible. That is why this situation deserves to be monitored.

As you all know, training camp practices begin in earnest Saturday morning. Check back often as I will be updating this blog before the drills end and then again afterward.