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If Tampa Bay is too hot for Favre, what is Miami?

Favre The St. Petersburg Times has a blog post that reports erstwhile Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre has told sources Tampa Bay is "too hot" for him as a possible landing spot should he be traded or released by the Packers. Seems of all the teams he might be interested in, he prefers to practice and play in cooler weather.

Two quick thoughts:

1. If true, you can lump South Florida in that thinking because, after all, it is hotter here than in Tampa.

2. This is ridiculous because the guy is from Kiln, Mississippi. I've been there. Winter doesn't come until December and the summer is hotter there than on the back side of the sun.

Having watched Favre's exclusive interview with Fox News the last couple of nights, it seems clear to me he would like to go back to the Packers and be the starter and that's what he expected would happen when he reached out to the organization June 20th to say he wanted to play again.

But he's been rebuffed by GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy. Favre said they told him "We've moved on," but then they added they couldn't envision him playing for anyone else, either. Favre also said he hasn't envisioned himself playing for anyone else.

The fact is, however, that visions change. It would not surprise if the Packers eventually try to trade Favre. I had longtime Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Tom Silverstein on my radio show Tuesday afternoon and he said a trade to the Dolphins makes sense.

(I cringed, by the way, because I don't believe it does.)

Silverstein said he could see Bill Parcells convincing Favre to come to the Dolphins if that is what Parcells wants. He agreed it would require a two-year commitment from Favre, but said Parcells would sell Favre on the possibility Miami could be 8-8 this year and a Super Bowl contender next year.

Again: I am telling you what a Green Bay reporter said. I didn't say I agree with it because I think I'm clearly on record as saying it doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to chase Favre. It doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to spend the entire offseason building for the future and then at the last second deviate from that plan by adding a soon-to-be 39-year-old quarterback.

I asked Silverstein about compensation for Favre and we're both agreed ... Jason Taylor is the logical answer. You have a DE that may play only one more year being exchanged for a QB that may play one or two more years.

Of course, that wouldn't make Taylor happy because he's spent much of his career playing with unproven quarterbacks in great weather and might not see playing another year with an unproven quarterback in awful Green Bay weather as an upgrade. But that is life.

And Silverstein reminded me Keith Jackson once upon a time was traded from Miami to Green Bay and didn't want to report before relenting, and playing, and winning a Super Bowl ring.

Still ... it just doesn't add up for me.