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Jason Taylor talks to ESPN, says very little

ESPN reporter Ed Werder is touring the country this week talking to NFL players in Sunday-type conversations that will air throughout this week. Jason Taylor is the subject of Monday's conversation that will air on the 11 p.m. SportsCenter and 143,043 times thereafter until the next conversation (one with Denver QB Jay Cutler) takes over Tuesday night.

Sitting down with Werder, looking cool with sunglasses sitting atop his shaved head, Taylor was comfortable, friendly and confident in front of the cameras. He basically spent 15-20 minutes repeating everything he's said in past interviews with other media entities with one small exception.

Taylor leaves open the door to the possibility that this won't be his final season after telling the Dolphins and the public this would indeed be the final year of his career. "Can that change?" Taylor asks rhetorically, "sure it can. This is America. We have the freedom to do pretty much anything we want to do."

So much for nuggets.

In the post of the Taylor interview on ESPN, the one titled, "Taylor dances around his future," the Dancing with the Stars runner-up does not say whether he will report to training camp with the rest of his teammates July 25 and start practicing the next morning. Can't tell if he was asked, but even if he was, I doubt Taylor would say.

Taylor was asked that question last week by NFL.com and he didn't give a straight answer then, either.

Werder asks Taylor what his expectation is of where and when he'll be playing again. "I have no idea," Taylor non-responds. "I have no idea."

So Werder chimes in, "What do you want the outcome to be?"

"I want to win games," Taylor says, recycling material and a tactic he's used before. "That's why I play this game. I don't play this game for fame, for money, for fun..."

Of course, the phrase that Taylor never utters is, "I want to play for the Dolphins."

Taylor does admit he may not have a choice, however. "I'm not a free agent," he says.

But, Werder offers, he could always retire, which Taylor has told all his friends and confidants that he definitely doesn't want to do. But regardless of that, Taylor refused to be pinned down.

"Well," Taylor says with a sly grin, "You can always do that, too."