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Reality: Favre to Dolphins doesn't make sense

Every credible sports news gathering entity with a website is chiming in on the Brett Favre story now. Most are tackling the issue with well-reported, cogent stories that outline why the statistical QB king wants to play again, why that causes a problem for the Green Bay Packers, and where Favre might land if not on the Frozen Tundra.

None of those stories -- seriously, not one -- regard the Dolphins as a logical landing spot for Brett Favre should he decide to continue his career.

And then there is The Miami Herald.

I opened my paper of record this morning (yes, I'm the guy that still buys the broadsheet instead of getting it free on the Internet) and read why the Dolphins should go after Favre. The story concedes what most right-thinking people understand: That Favre to the Dolphins could not happen. But then it stubbornly insists, "it could."

To which I stubbornly retort: No it couldn't. Really. It couldn't, wouldn't and won't.

Why? Let me count the ways:

First, the idea would thrill the Dolphins marketing department that is desperate to raise the organization out of a ticket-selling funk. But the marketing department doesn't make football decisions. And weighed against fanciful wishing, bringing Favre to the Dolphins is a bad football decision.

What would Favre bring the Dolphins? Lots of national attention. A better quarterback than they currently have. But a playoff shot? Probably not. Even if Favre is still able to be great, he can improve a team's record by one, maybe two games. That might make the Dolphins a 7-9 team instead of 5-11.

And when Favre re-retires it leaves the Dolphins weaker because their rebuilding program detoured because of a flirtation. We still won't know anything about John Beck or Chad Henne and the team will then have a lower draft spot from which to continue building rather than a higher one.

Not that this matters. The Dolphins know there is really no way to get Favre to South Florida anyway. Trade? Can't happen.

Here's the scenario: If the Packers trade Favre it would have to be to a team he approves because he could collapse the deal by simply not reporting if he doesn't like the team. The only teams Favre is interested in playing for are teams with a chance to contend for a Super Bowl berth.

The Dolphins do not qualify.

Yes, the winters are nice here and there is no state tax to pay, but Favre wants a proven offensive line to play behind. Favre wants proven receivers to throw to. Favre would like a West Coast offense to guide because that's what he's known his entire career.

The Dolphins again strike out on all counts.

Certainly, the Dolphins could force the issue if they really wanted. They could jump eyes-closed into the Favre lottery and offer to trade Jason Taylor to the Packers. And the Packers might go for it. But again, Favre would not report to Miami and then what you would have in Miami is another black eye to the team's reputation as yet another superstar admits he doesn't want to play for the once-elite organization.

And that speaks nothing to the issue of fitting Favre's $12.8 million cap hit, which is $4 million higher than Taylor's, into the Dolphins cap. That's right, any team trading for Favre would have to wedge $12.8 million into its cap which is impossible for many teams and a too-snug fit for Miami.

Of course, if the Packers were to lose their ever-lovin' minds and release Favre, the Dolphins would make sense as a free agent landing spot if no other team were to bid on Favre. Problem is the line of teams bidding on Favre would be long and cut straight to the quarterback's desire to get back to the Super Bowl.

The Vikings would be first in line. They are one QB short of being Super Bowl caliber. Bingo. The Bucs would be in that line, too. Jon Gruden runs the west coast offense and his team was in the playoffs last year. The Jets, Redskins and Ravens would also be in that line.

What suggests to you that out of all those teams -- including three playoff teams from last year -- Favre would elect to play for the Dolphins? The answer is nothing.

And what suggests to you the Dolphins would out-bid all those teams in a free-agent free-for-all when they don't share the same desperation to win now as those other teams? Again, the answer is nothing.

It simply doesn't make sense ...

... unless you are reading today's Herald.